Responsible Tourism
Every little helps

Our Sustainability Policy

 The ultimate goal of our  sustainability policy is to minimize our hotel’s impact on Dublin City by reducing the unnecessary use of energy, supporting the use of alternative energy, and reducing greenhouse gases in an effort to contribute to a healthy environment.

We know we can’t change the course of global warming on our own, but we believe we can make a contribution. At Ashling Hotel we believe every little bit helps. 

Building for the future

Our Building

All lights in our hotel have been replaced with LED. 

All windows are double-glazed.

We use biodegradable key cards for our guestrooms.

Heating is not in use in corridors when vacant.

Lights automatically turn off in guestrooms when the keycard is not in place. In other areas of our hotel, we use sensor lighting where possible.

Aircon is turned off in guestrooms unless guests wish to activate it.

Recycling is taken seriously: cardboard, plastic, glass and food bins have been implemented in every department to ensue that materials are being properly recycled. 

Educating for the Future

Community Work

We plan on reaching out to schools to encourage working in the hotel industry. We are working on introducing a “plant a tree scheme”. We offer prizes for positive initiatives within the local community.  

Decongesting our city


As part of our ongoing sustainability program, we actively encourage and incentivise our team to walk to work, and use public transport, if they are in a position to do so. We provide bicycle racks at the Ashling Hotel. 

We encourage guests to use the Luas Tram, as we are just a few minutes’ walk from 2 stops. 

Working Together for Our Future

Our People

We have set up a sustainable committee within the hotel

Through continuous training and communication, we are educating all of our team. 

Every Little Helps


We are currently removing all plastic water bottles and straws and will implement a more sustainable water offering throughout the hotel.

We use biodegradable cups.

We have introduced a  more sustainable toiletries option in guest bathrooms. 

All our key cards, pencils, paper, and gift cards have been switched for a biodegradable alternative.

Drinking glasses are provided in guestrooms. 

Our team is trained in the way of energy conservation within the hotel. We have processes and checklists in every department to ensure all appliances that are not in use are plugged out or switched off where applicable. 

Reusable coffee cups provided to all team members.

Sustainable Coffee and Tea Partner

We have selected Java Republic as our Coffee Partner at Ashling Hotel, due to their great tasting coffee and their “Coffee with a Conscience” ethos!

Sharing Our World

Charity Events

We donate and contribute to many worthy causes. Most recently we have supported, Embrace the World, Autism Assisted Dogs, and Motor Neuron Disease charities.

Sustainable Care

We’re introduced Eco Boutique an eco-conscious range of shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners as our toiletries of choice. These products not only offer a lavish experience but also uphold our commitment to sustainability. By introducing Eco-Boutique we are reducing plastic and liquid waste by as much as 85%.

Windfarm Energy

Ashling Hotel is powered 100% from a wind farm in Ireland.

Our electricity is carbon neutral with a goal of net-zero carbon emissions

Together is Better

Guest Communication

We have implemented digital signage in our lobby area to communicate events and notices to guests. 

We encourage guests to save water with in-room signage and encourage guests to avoid requesting towel changes.

To minimise the use of paper, our guest services directory is online and accessible using a QR code.

Menus are also available using QR code.

And we won't stop......

Our plans

We are continuing to improve our business with positive sustainable practices. The next phase is introducing all digital screens within the property to further reduce on printing.

Our most commonly asked questions

Dubin City FAQ

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Supplied By the Best

Our Suppliers

We make it a priority to use local suppliers, where possible. We ensure all our suppliers have a sustainability policy in place.

We ensure that suppliers reduce packaging on all items where possible, and we recycle delivery containers.

Our meat is 100% of Irish provenance.

Our fish is sustainably sourced.

Gahan Meats

Gahan Meats Butchers have been supplying quality meat to the wholesale and retail sectors since 1949. Having started as a corner shop butcher in Raheny, Dublin, we are now one of the most respected purveyors of quality meats in the greater Dublin area.


Here at Keelings, Co. Dublin, we ‘Love to grow’ and we’d love to get you growing too. We are passionate about what we do and we want your family to share our passion for fresh fruits of outstanding quality

Dole Food

Since the beginning, everything done at Dole revolves around a simple principle: quality, and quality, and quality. Since then, Dole has grown into an industry leader with a broad range of products and markets, continually striving to put the highest-quality food on tables around the world.

Ready chef

Ready Chef is a second generation family owned Irish business supplying Fresh and Prepared vegetables, fruits and salads to all facets the Irish Food Service Sector. 

Iona Farm

Iona Farm’s delicious food is made from locally-sourced ingredients to ensure that you have an authentic farm-to-fork experience with the best of what Ireland has to offer. Based in Co. Dublin

Select Seafoods

Quality fishmonger sourcing the finest selection of fresh seafoods. Since 1994, they have worked to deliver fresh fish and Select Seafood for their clients around Ireland while based in Malahide Dublin.

Comans Beverages Limited

Comans Beverages Ltd. is an independent company that was established in 1959 and has grown to become one of the largest drinks companies in Ireland. Comans supply a full range of packaged beer, wines, spirits and soft drinks from all over the world to the licensed trade

Eno Wines

Enowine is a family-owned wine importing company selling a complete package of wines to hotels and restaurants across Ireland. Over the years, we have gradually and painstakingly sought out wines of character and class. We specialise in the authentic produce of small, family-owned, quality-driven wineries that share our passion for quality and our drive for excellence.

Classic Drinks

It’s been nearly two decades since they began otheir journey as Classic Drinks – driven by a desire to pair great wine with top-class service for our customers. They do this through their incredible curated range of drinks. They are dedicated to supporting our customers in the hospitality sector whose passion for great service is recognised throughout the world. They do it by building close, personal relationships with their global network of producers, connecting customers here in Ireland with access to the very best the world has to offer.

Rye River Brewery

Rye River Brewing Company have been making great beer in co. Kildare since 2013. Their approach to making beer is all about their values, their people and their process.


With over 200 brands and sales in more than 180 countries, Diago are driven to be the world’s best brand builder, leading the way in premium drinks. Their ambition is to be one of the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products companies in the world.


HEINEKEN Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading beer and cider companies built on a proud brewing heritage that started in Cork over 160 years ago. Today, they continue to excite our consumers and customers with innovative new products and premium brand experiences. 


Made from 17 varieties of Irish apples and produced in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Bulmers is 100% Irish. From blossom to bar at every step of the journey, craft and care is poured into every glass of gold. We’ll drink to that. 



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