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Did you know Ashling Hotel in Dublin has a charity partner? We take corporate social responsibility seriously and are passionate about raising money for AsIAm, Irelands National Autism Charity. AsIAm do fantastic work supporting and encouraging people with Autism in Ireland and Ashling Hotel are proud to support their work. We have a link on our website to our iDonate page and encourage guests to visit and donate as much or as little as they can afford. Book your stay in our 4-star hotel in Dublin, get some hints and tips from our blog and donate to AsIAm all from our official website.

What is Autism?

Autism is not one thing, it is a spectrum of traits and neurodivergence which presents differently in individuals. First classified in the 1940s, the disorder was originally defined as a rare psychosis which only affected children, a description which was very much a product of its time in the age of psychoanalysis. Autism is now understood as a complex, invisible condition which a person is born with. Autism is a developmental condition which means that the way a person communicates, interacts and understands other people, and the world, is different to those who do not have the condition. People with Autism are classified on a spectrum which means it impacts different people, in different ways, to differing degrees.

About AsIAm

AsIAm is Ireland’s national autism charity offering a one stop shop for the autism community in Ireland. We provide a portal of information for both autistic and non-autistic people, helping to educate and spread awareness about ASD and the many and diverse traits of individuals who have been diagnosed. They provide a platform for the autism community to share their views, opinions and stories, providing a recognised and coherent voice for their concerns. AsIAm is working to create a society in which every person with autism is empowered to reach their own personal potential and fully participate in society. Breaking barriers and developing the capacity of the community helps to create a more autism-friendly and tolerant country.

Where does your money go?

Everything you donate to AsIAm throughout Ashling Hotels website goes directly through the charity, minus the admin and processing fees (if any) charged by iDonate. AsIAm relies heavily on public donations to complete its many and diverse programmes with up to 30% of the annual revenue from the generosity of fundraisers and donations. Without the support of the public, it would be impossible to undertake such a broad scope of inclusive programmes. As well as providing vital information and advocacy supports to the community, they have developed several nationally and internationally unique training and accreditation programmes for organisations to become autism friendly.

AsIAm major projects include:
• School talks
• Early years training
• Advice and training to create third level autism friendly colleges
• Working with Employers to raise awareness and tolerance
• Encouraging and embracing neurodiverse workplaces
• Accreditation programmes for individuals and organisations
• Creating more autism-friendly towns
• Advocacy on behalf of the community.

Dublin Hotel Accommodation

If you need to book comfortable, great value accommodation in Dublin, look no further than Ashling Hotel on the edge of Dublin City. We’re a short walk to the middle of the city where you can enjoy museums, galleries, shopping, dining and plenty of attractions, but we’re far enough away that you are guaranteed a great night’s sleep. We are close to major hospitals, Dublin’s largest train station and Guinness Storehouse is a stone’s throw across the river. We offer our best available rates and special offers exclusively on our website where you can also find the link to support AsIAm.
Ashling Hotel are proud advocates and supporters of AsIAm and hope to continue this partnership for a long time. We’d like to thank guests who donate to this worthy cause.

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