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Outdoor Attractions in Dublin

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Dublin Zoo

Located in Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo is Ireland’s biggest family attraction, seeing over one million visitors a year. Founded in 1831 and since then has expanded to a beautiful, 28 hectare zoo full of caring professionals devote their lives to the welfare and care of animals and to understand their needs. This zoo is home to over 400 rare, exotic and endangered animals from all around the world. 

Make The Heart Go Fawn’der

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed public park in any capital in Europe and also home to a wild deer herd that don’t mind visitors but prefer to be in their own company, so it is advised not to disturb them. The park is also home to one of Ireland’s favourite people, Micheal D Higggins, our President. If you’re lucky enough you might catch him outside with his wife Sabina and two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bród and Misneach.

Make A Splash

Viking Splash Tours

The Viking Splash tour is both a fun and educational way to see the sights and history of Dublin both on land and water. Visitors are taken on a mesmerizing tour of Dublin on a huge sight for sore eyes yellow boats. Discover sights such as St Patrick’s and Christchurch Cathedrals, Trinity College, Government Buildings and Georgian Dublin.  End the tour with a splash as you explore into the Grand Canal docklands.

Nature's Finest

St. Stephen’s Green Park

Located in the bustling city of Dublin, St. Stephen’s Green Park provides an oasis of green calm that almost transports you back into the countryside. With over 3.5 km of accessible pathways, visitors can explore the park’s waterfall as well as their fifteen commemorative sculptures. A public park enriched with history and relaxation.

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