Top 5 Ways to Tour Dublin City

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Dublin is a very walkable and easy-to-navigate city, much like many of our European counterparts. The city centre has something interesting on every corner with historic buildings, museums, galleries, shops cafes and bars on every corner. There are plenty of ways to tour the city with the help of a guide and you’ll also get a background on the history and stories of the unique areas within Dublin. From walking tours to aqua buses, tours are as unique as the vehicles that you ride! Our team would be happy to help you organise a tour of Dublin. Just stop by the reception desk of our Dublin city hotel for a chat.

Walking Tours

Walking tours are a fantastic way to get to know Dublin. You’ll probably learn something you didn’t know about the history, culture, and people. You may hear some amusing stories or legends. You might get to eat and drink the local foods and beverages. One of the best things about walking tours is that there are so many different tours to fit different interests. From scary stories to social history, there is a tour for everyone. Some walking tours in Dublin are free but for a tip at the end if you’re happy with the service. Some tours are given by professional guides, and some are given by residents with a passion for local history. You’ll find tours in different languages too if English is not your forte. They’re usually non-strenuous walks, so you don’t need to worry about being fit.

Viking Splash Tour

Viking Splash Tour is one of the most unique ways to get around Dublin and an experience you won’t forget. It’s a group and family-friendly tour of Dublin with a little of everything to keep all ages entertained. Their engaging, interactive experience starts on a big yellow bus boat that’s hard to miss. The guides take you around the city giving you an insight into the history and characters that walked the streets before us and encouraging you to scare passersby with Viking roars! After the road section of the tour is done, Dublin’s only amphibious bus tour enters the River Liffey to show you the best of the city from a unique vantage point. It’s an enjoyable and memorable experience for all.

Ghost Bus Tour

You’ve heard the stories of Vikings and revolutions, but do you know the stories about banshees and body snatchers? Dublin’s Ghost Bus tour tells you more about the side of Dublin that is not in the guidebooks. The bus itself is hard to miss and the tour is run by professional actors who take you to some of Dublin’s most haunted and spooky spots to tell you the lesser-known stories. It gives you the history of some of Ireland’s most notorious ghosts and some real-life nefarious characters too, delivered excellently by their team of trained guides. It’s run in the hours of darkness to add to the atmosphere and is a great alternative to a night in the pub.

Bike Tours

Bike tours are becoming more and more popular in Dublin. They help you get further than a tour on foot and there is less congestion than a bus tour. Cycle Dublin Bike Tours offers the visitor an eco-friendly way to see Dublin and experience its culture and heritage. The tour makes its way around Dublin at a relaxed pace, covering a lot of ground from the city centre to the Liberties and back again. No need to be super fit, the guides can set a pace that suits you.

Dublin Tour Buses

Possibly the most popular way to get around Dublin is on a tour bus. There are a few to choose between, from the traditional green bus giving you handy tips excellent storytelling and great stories about characters to look out for, to the red bus whose narration is ideal for non-native speakers. Most buses are hop on-hop off and have one- or two-day tickets as needed. Do a full loop and decide the most important stops to alight for your second round. Buses are regular and if you’re staying in Ashling Hotel Dublin your closest stop is Phoenix Park.

Our team will be happy to help you plan your tour of Dublin, making sure you don’t miss anything important. Book your stay on our website for great tips for your time in Dublin and to guarantee our best available rates.

Ashling Hotel

The Ashling Hotel team are passionate about what we do. That includes telling you all there is to know about Ashling Hotel and Dublin City. Although we are not all native Dubliners, we have adopted the city as our home. We love to explore more and share our latest discoveries.
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