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Recipes from our Chef

If you’ve eaten in Ashling Hotel’s in-house restaurant, Chesterfields, you know how talented our team of chefs is. Our dedicated Head Chef, Samir Beskri, leads his team providing our guests with fresh, delicious meals every day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’ve asked Samir for a sample recipe so customers can enjoy the great taste of Chesterfields at home. This recipe for Cured Summer Salmon can be eaten hot or cold, a perfect accompaniment to any summer dinner.

Cured Summer Salmon

This delicious cured salmon is ideal as an accompaniment to a summer salad, perfect for warm evenings, or as a party dish. It can be warmed up, served with steamed seasonal vegetables and crushed baby potatoes, or served cold with a fresh salad on the side. The mild taste of salmon satisfies seafood lovers and the delicious flavour of the herb mixture elevates the dish.


  • 1 side of salmon, skinned and pin boned – we recommend using the highest quality salmon, preferably from a local fishmonger. Order in advance if you’d like them to bone the fish for you.
  • 180g coarse sea salt – again, the highest quality is always best.
  • 55g caster sugar
  • 3g coriander seeds, lightly toasted
  • Half a tbsp of thyme leaves
  • 3 x star anise, broken
  • 1 orange zest
  • 1 lemon zest
  • 1/2 lime zest


Prepare the salmon by mixing the salt, sugar, zests, and herbs together. Ensure they are well combined by rubbing the ingredients with clean hands.

Prepare a tray that is large enough to lay your salmon flat and spread out half of your herb and salt mixture. Lay the salmon on top of the mixture and cover with the remaining mixture. Cover the entire tray in cling film and allow to rest at room temperature for 90 minutes. After two hours, flip the salmon and recover as best as you can, leaving it to rest for a further two hours.

Before you serve, run the entire salmon under cold water, washing all of the rub off. Pat dry and slice thinly to serve.

Chesterfields Restaurant

If you would prefer to let our chefs do the hard work for you, you can book a meal in the stylish Chesterfields Restaurant and enjoy their talent and hard work for yourself. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in comfortable surroundings with only the freshest ingredients prepared to the highest standard. We also accommodate private dining requests. Contact our friendly team, by phone or email, to reserve a table today. Both guests and visitors are more than welcome to join us for all meals, but prior booking is required.

Ashling Hotel

The Ashling Hotel team are passionate about what we do. That includes telling you all there is to know about Ashling Hotel and Dublin City. Although we are not all native Dubliners, we have adopted the city as our home. We love to explore more and share our latest discoveries.
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