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For an even better value break, book well in advance, and enjoy a discount of up to 15%. See, it pays to be organised.

We’ve also put together packages with some of the most popular attractions in our neighbourhood. All of them include overnight accommodation in the Ashling. See below.

Remember to check back here from time to time for seasonal promotions and offers around special events.

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Who's for the zoo?

An overnight family break this good is a rare species. Enjoy all the excitement of Dublin Zoo, all the creature comforts of 4-star luxury and great value for money.

Jameson Distillery Package

The Jameson Distillery is one of Dublin’s top visitor attractions. Even better, it’s just a few minutes away from the Ashling Hotel. Founded in 1780, the distillery now offers interactive tours, whiskey tasting sessions and cocktail-making classes.

Why not make an occasion of it, and get a great overnight deal here at the Ashling? Our package includes tickets for Jameson Distillery and a Full Irish Breakfast in Chesterfields Restaurant.

Guinness Storehouse Package

You’ve tried the beer, now do the tour. This to Dublin’s number one visitor attraction, and luckily for us, it’s just across the river.

Our package, which includes tickets for the Guinness Storehouse and a Full Irish Breakfast in Chesterfields Restaurant, is great value for money. Now, that’s worth celebration.

Stay in their good books

Nothing says ‘happy birthday’, ‘well done’ or ‘just because’ like a gift voucher for the Ashling Hotel.